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DOC Commands

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DOC Commands

Post by Sean Scaletta on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:17 pm

/cuff [player id] - Cuffs chosen player

/uncuff [player id] - Un-cuffs chosen player

/detain [id] [car id] - Puts player in vacant back car seat

/cell [number] - Opens/Closes cell number

/tazer get/putaway - Gets tazer out or puts tazer away. (When tazer is put away, changes to original pistol)

/docgate [password] - Opens DOC gate

/doc - Brings up menu: duty (puts player on/off duty), equipment (brings up list of available equipment, when player chooses the equipment it is given to him/her)

/docbackup - When DOC is getting raided or prisoner is breaking out, a message is released to all members of lapd and ng for backup!

/giverank [player id] [rank] - Gives rank to player, only available for chiefs

/invite [player id] - Invites player, only available for chiefs

/frisk [player id] - Frisks player of any illegal things they have

/doclockdown - Closes all gates/doors

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